December 23rd, 2019

HTML5 Tag Reference

HTML5 has many new tags included and many others deprecated from the previous version of HTML4. Though some of the HTML4 tags are still supported by browsers for backward compatibility, it is recommended to use only the latest tags in your designs.

Here is the complete list of tags supported in HTML5 for your reference. Tags still used but not supported in HTML5 are marked as obsolete.

HTML5 Tag Reference List

Tag Description HTML5
<!–…–>Comments tag, used to add comments inside an HTML5 document.
<!DOCTYPE>Declares the document type for proper functioning.
<a>Anchor tag for creating hyperlinks on text and images.
<abbr>Used for defining an abbreviation.
<acronym>Used for defining an acronym.
<address>Address tag for inputing address fields.
<applet>Used to specify an applet.Obsolete
<area>Used to specify an area inside image map.
<article>Tag for blog article.Yes
<aside>Aside content, generally not impacting the main content.Yes
<audio>Insert audio files on your webpage.Yes
<b>Text bold.
<base>Base URL for all hyperlinks on a webpage.
<basefont>Specify a base font family.Obsolete
<bdo>Text direction on display.
<bdi>Bidirectional text input, generally different from the surrounding text.Yes
<bgsound>Tag for adding background music on a page.
<big>For displaying bigger text.
<blink>For displaying blinking text.
<blockquote>Blockquote displayed within double quotation marks.
<body>Main body of the HTML page.
<br>Insert a line break.
<button>Create a button element.
<canvas>Placeholder for graphics created with JavaScript.Yes
<caption>For entering table caption.
<center>Center alignment of text content.Obsolete
<cite>Used for specifying citation for quotes.
<code>Used for specifying machine code.
<col>Used for the attributes for table columns.
<colgroup>Define groups for table column.
<datalist>Tag to provide predefined values for <input> tag.
<dd>Definition term, used to define a term inside the description list.
<del>Used to indicate deleted text content.
<details>To show additional information that can be shown or hidden.
<dfn>Define the first instance of term inside HTML document.
<dialog>Creates popup dialog or modal box.Yes
<dir>Used to specify a directory list.Obsolete
<div>Division or section in HTML document.
<dl>Create a definition or description list.
<dt>Defines a term inside a definition or description list.
<em>Create emphasized text.
<embed>Used to create a container for embedding external resources on a page.Yes
<fieldset>Used to group related fields in a form.
<figcaption>Used to create a caption for <figure> tag.Yes
<figure>Container for holding images, photos, illustration, etc.Yes
<font>Used to specify font size and color of text elements.Obsolete
<footer>Add footer in a HTML document or section.Yes
<form>Create a form.
<frame>Create a window frame within <frameset>.Obsolete
<frameset>Used as a container for holding one or more frames.Obsolete
<h1> to <h6>Header 1 to Header 6
<head>Container for all head elements.
<header>Header for a document or section.Yes
<hr>Add horizontal divider line.
<html>Used to tell the browser that the document is a HTML document.
<i>Create italic text.
<iframe>Used to specify an inline frame.
<img>Tag for adding an image.
<input>Used for specifying an input field.
<ins>Display inserted text content.
<kbd>Specifies a keyboard text.
<keygen>Used for generating key-pair information in a form.Yes
<label>Defines a label for <input> element.
<legend>Specifies a caption for <fieldset> tag.
<li>Used for creating list item.
<link>Used for linking external stylesheets.
<main>Define the main content on a HTML document.Yes
<map>Create an image map.
<mark>Text highlight for reference.Yes
<marquee>Scrolling marquee text.
<menu>Defines a menu list.
<menuitem>Defines a menu list item.Yes
<meta>Contains meta information of the page.
<meter>Gauge for a scalar measurement within a known range.
<nav>Used for creating navigational link section.Yes
<noframes>Fallback tag for browsers not supporting frames.Obsolete
<noscript>Defines alternate content for script.
<object>Used for specifying an embedded object.
<ol>Create ordered list.
<optgroup>Create options group in dropdown list.
<option>Define an option in dropdown list.
<output>Output of a calculationYes
<p>Text paragraph element.
<param>Used for specifying parameter for <object> element.
<picture>Contains <source> and <img> tags for specifying image resource.
<pre>Used to add preformatted text content.
<progress>Add progress bar indicating the percentage of task completion.Yes
<q>Used for adding short quotation.
<rp>Define a text for the browsers that do not support ruby elements.Yes
<rt>Used for text ruby annotation.Yes
<ruby>Used for ruby annotation.Yes
<s>Display strikethrough text which is incorrect.
<samp>Sample output from a program.
<script>Used to add or link script elements in HTML page.
<section>Defines a section of a document.Yes
<select>Defines a dropdown list
<small>Creates smaller size text.
<source>Specifies multiple media resources for media elements.Yes
<span>Used to group inline elements without any visual change.
<strike>Used for displaying strikethrough text.
<strong>Used for displaying strong text.
<style>Used to add inline or internal style definitions.
<sub>Adds subscripted text.
<summary>Adds a summary for <details> tag.Yes
<sup>Adds superscripted text.
<table>Used for adding a table.
<tbody>Table body.
<td>Table data or table cell.
<textarea>Creates a text area for user input.
<tfoot>Footer for a table.
<th>Header cell for a table.
<thead>Group header content on a table.
<time>Specifies date and time.Yes
<title>Used for adding title for element or document.
<tr>Add table row.
<track>Specifies a text track for media elements.Yes
<tt>Creates teletype textObsolete
<u>Creates underlined text.Obsolete
<ul>Creates an unordered list.
<var>Used to define a variable.
<video>Insert video in a page.Yes
<wbr>Word break opportunity for inserting line break in a text.

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